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The passing of a beloved family member is a devastating experience. If you’re facing probate for your deceased family member’s estate, you may feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the process.

Messina Law Group has experienced probate attorneys in Port Richey that can simplify the task of probating a family member’s assets and estate. We’re here to help you during this challenging time. 

Probate Lawyers in Port Richey

Probate is a legal process used to distribute a deceased person’s assets and pay their debts. In Florida, it’s only required if the deceased person, or decedent, passed without a will or trust, or if their assets are solely in their name. 

If your loved one passed on without an estate plan, you may need to go through probate. Our Port Richey probate attorneys can help you complete this process and carry out your loved one’s wishes.

We’re highly experienced with Florida probate laws and will get you on the path to a resolution. The steps to probate an estate begin with identifying the appropriate heirs of the deceased. This process is known as Intestate Succession.

Next, the Port Richey court will use Florida’s Intestate Statutes to pay off the deceased’s outstanding debts and divide the remaining assets among the rightful heirs. 

What are the Benefits of a Probate Attorney in Port Richey?

Probating an estate can be a complex process, depending on how extensive the deceased family member’s estate is. 

Seeking help from one of our skilled probate lawyers in Port Richey offers several benefits, including faster turnaround times, fewer disputes or errors, and lifting the legal responsibility off of our clients.

If you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, leave the legal matters to Messina Law Group. Our probate attorneys strive to simplify this complex process for our clients. Contact us to request a consultation.