What Details Can I Ask Brokers In Advance?

This video tells you what any real estate professional would tell you. Ask them: How long do homes in my neighborhood currently stay on the market? How would you price my home? What data did you use to arrive at that price? How would you market my home? What activities would you expect of me… Continue reading What Details Can I Ask Brokers In Advance?

How Is A Home Marketed?

As you’ll see in the video, every home and market is a unique situation. Good marketing plans are specific to both. But every plan will include: Preparation Pricing and Marketing Activities. Preparation takes time – typically, months. Homes must be in “show” condition all repairs and upgrades complete and all photos and video completed before… Continue reading How Is A Home Marketed?

How Do I Set The Price On My House?

http://videotap.wistia.com/medias/4oic7h7yk7?embedType=async&videoFoam=true&videoWidth=640 While this video simplifies things to help you remember: your aim is to get the best price AND terms in your market during the period you’re selling. Market conditions interest rates and competition all matter. The price you want, and the price a buyer will pay are framed by those complex conditions So pricing… Continue reading How Do I Set The Price On My House?

6 Selling Mistakes

If you’re selling, don’t do these things – take some notes from the video! 1. Don’t Sell Before The House Is Ready. If it doesn’t present well, it won’t sell well. 2. Don’t Over-Improve People buy houses in neighborhoods. If yours is so “improved” that it sticks out you’re hurting your chances at selling. 3. Hire… Continue reading 6 Selling Mistakes

Which Square Footage Figure Should I Use?

Home size is one of the key figures used in comparisons. But you may have different measurements to choose from,  as you’ll learn in this video, including builder, appraiser, tax records and possibly owner records. Which one is right, and which one is best? The official figure is the one in tax records – typically, the… Continue reading Which Square Footage Figure Should I Use?